My Asian life #2 Go Pro tryout

My Asian life #2 Go Pro tryout *Beware of the horrible sparring* i was trying to test out my new camera. Music from High kick girl theme which I DO NOT...

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Asian Korean

Asian Korean I am a Korean man. I am proud to be a Korean. We serve our country. I served my country, like the rest of us. I love my people. I love my family. I lived in the United States. I hate our label. We are not weak. We are strong. ROK is not small. ROK is big....

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The Deeper Roots of the Celeste Ng Controversy

Source: Chicago Review of Books Earlier this year, a controversy spawned on Asian Twitter about some tweets that the celebrated Asian American novelist Celeste Ng had made a couple of years ago. In those tweets, she said that she wasn’t attracted to Asian men because...

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The Suffocation of Democracy

German President Paul von Hindenburg and Chancellor Adolf Hitler on their way to a youth rally at the Lustgarten, Berlin, May 1933 As a historian specializing in the Holocaust, Nazi Germany, and Europe in the era of the world wars, I have been repeatedly asked about...

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Asians in the News

Latest Asian American Youtube Videos

On Coming Out

On Coming Out It's Gender and Sexuality week and so I thought I would talk a little bit about coming out and offer some advice. This is for our LGBTQIA+ family and audience. I hope my thoughts on coming out resonate with you or reassures you in some way. x M Here's to...

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GPYB: Affirmations Part 1

GPYB: Affirmations Part 1 This was the free module of the GPYB on-line Affirmation course 2017 Power Affirmations: Change Your Self-Image in 30 Days To sign up for the 2018 course, or to know what it's about, go to the...

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And We Hit The Field Like…Whoa

And We Hit The Field Like...Whoa Pre-Chant by the Milton High School football team before their football games. Welcome to JSM Productions. If you love Sports, make sure you click that subscribe button! Hey! My name is Josh, and I am the creator of JSM Productions. I...

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Carrie Ann Inaba had nothing but good things to say about John Stamos.

About 4 hours ago from NBC Asian America's Twitter via TweetDeck

Kulture Media Watch Dog

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What is "realistic" in Hollywood is not necessarily the same as in real life


Curious about what public charge is and what you can do to fight back? Register for our 10/24 webinar here!… #ProtectFamilies #OneNation…

About 13 hours ago from Advancing Justice | AAJC's Twitter via Twitter Web Client

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