【Taekwondo】Combo Kicks, Turning Kicks, Single Kicks

xtLCmx 【Taekwondo】Combo Kicks, Turning Kicks, Single Kicks** please check out the ” 2013 new series ” at

We produced our TKD videos together with Master C T Law, Master K M Chan and Master P C Chan of the Hong Kong Practical Taekwondo Association.

1) Pal chagui
2) An pal chagui
3) Skip step An pal Chagui
4) An Narae chagui
5) Narae chagui
6) Step back pal chagui
7) Dollyio chagui
8) Ap chagui correction to Dollyo chagui
7) Yeop chagui
8) Nerryo Chagui
9) Dwit furyo chagui
10) Dolque chagui
11) Dwit Chagui
12) 360’Dwit c.
13) An pal c.Nerryo c.14
14) Timio bandae Dollyo c.
15) An Furryo chagui
16) 360’Bandae Dollyo C.
17) 540’Bandae dollyo c.
18) Nara chagui19)Seibon narae c.
20) Pal c.Dwit Uriki
21) Pal c.narae c.Dolque c.
22) Pal c.Dolque c. Bandae dollyo c
23) Pal chagui Neibon narae chagui dolque c.
24) pal c.nerryio c.dwit c.
25) Pal c.narae c.
26) pal c.narae c. step back pal c.narae c.(neibon)


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