Blu Cantrell – Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!) (Video Version)

Blu Cantrell – Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!) (Video Version)

Blu Cantrell – Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!) (Video Version)

t2QiKm Blu Cantrell - Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) (Video Version)Blu Cantrell’s official music video for ‘Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)’. Click to listen to Blu Cantrell on Spotify:

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While he was schemeing
I was beamin in the Beamer just beamin
Can’t believe that I caught my man cheatin’
So I found another way to make him pay for it all

So I went
To Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree
And on the way I grabbed Soley and Mia
And as the cash box rang I thought everything away

There goes the dreams we used to say
There goes the time we spent away
There goes the love I had but you cheated on me
And thats worth that now
There goes the house we made a home
There goes you’ll never leave me alone
For all the lies you told
This is what you owe

Spoken Word Poetry | Social Justice League

Spoken Word Poetry | Social Justice League

Spoken Word Poetry | Social Justice League

Xkuvdm Spoken Word Poetry | Social Justice LeagueThe people united will never be divided!
The people united will never be divided!
Wait who’s that?
He’s here to bring doubt to our protest
Someone’s gotta stop him!
We need…
I am Amazin’ Asian!!!!
It’s me Panther Puff Girl!
I am the Ablelator!!!
And I am SupaGay!!!

Amazin’ Asian
My eyes squint to charge up my laser beam that will melt through your stereotypes
You joke about how we eat cats and dogs
Your right, we’ll eat who you call your dawgs for breakfast
And if kindness don’t conquer I’ll karate kick for my kinfolks until we are crown kings.

Panther Puff Girl
I be all black pride and pretty
I show up and show out
Show my people what it means to be black and proud
make predators pay for making girls who look like night believe they are too dark to daydream.

The Ableator
My speech impediments doesn’t make me sidekick
I can Tongue tie villains
traded my four eyes for X-Ray vision.
My superpower is making others learn the power in the things that weighs them down.

Oh, honey
I’m not just gay no
I’m super gay
Salvation of the same sex
Guardian of the gays
Liberator of the LGBT
My heart be so full of color
Even the rain bows before me

Doctor Discrimination,
for too long you’ve stolen our voices
You told everyone I was too loud so I would keep your racism quiet
Made a mockery of my mouth, my voice is not the punchline of your jokes.
Acted like asians only raise doctors and never our voices
Said my sexuality was a sin, kept it in the closet to keep it silenced
But with our powers combined we will take back what is rightfully ours.
We’ll intertwine our identities to defeat our enemy.

Activism activated!!

We’ll punch privilege with the power of the people
We’ll stomp out stigma
We’ll karate kick colonizers in the cranium

Doctor Discrimination
My boats carry canons
That ignite from the sacrifices of my ancestors
Doctor Discrimination will not disintegrate my defense
I’ll destroy you with my devotion, put a fist to the face of your fetishization
I’ll make it so you can’t even think straight
This black power fist and afro pick will rip apart your racism.
My black pride will turn the tide of your terror.
My four eyes can kill you with one glance
I got a fist full of confidence
This speech impediment can punch you in the mouth.


We can’t defeat him alone!
We need your help!

Self love is equivalent to super strength.
you have to learn how to save yourself,
to put on your cape of confidence and become your own hero!
Second Wave – People’s Power Activated!
Accepting your insecurities makes you invincible.
Because being brave is loving yourself because of who you love
Not despite it
You have super speed
Even though the enemy said you would never catch up in that classroom
You went from slave ship to savior with no super power at all.
All you had to do was believe in your black girl magic
Your people are rather fly
As high as your intellect in math
You subtract the negativity from their views so you can finally equal up
We did it!
With your help we defeated the biggest villian, self doubt.
There is power in pride
In showing up at a protest that doesn’t directly affect you
In speaking out, even when you want to be silent
in being an ally
in being yourself
Because in the Social Justice League
You don’t have to be super to be a hero!

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Edited by Daniel Rolinson

40 Year Old Karate Veteran Vs MMA | The Elder Machida

40 Year Old Karate Veteran Vs MMA | The Elder Machida

40 Year Old Karate Veteran Vs MMA | The Elder Machida

tnwZHQ 40 Year Old Karate Veteran Vs MMA | The Elder MachidaThe Similarities between him and his brother Lyoto are shocking, as they both almost have the same style, that same feel for timing, but non the less, they are very different warriors all the same.
Music: [Downtempo] mōbe – in palo alto

Script: “Hello,

This was a very exciting fight for me, because when I saw it, it almost looked exactly like lyoto Machida’s style, but orthodox instead of southpaw. I honestly thought this man was lyoto machida’s younger brother, but it turns out, he’s a 40 year old man, lyoto’s older brother chinzo, he’s ten years older… I was in shock… This dude has to be eating those goji berries or something, because he looks like he just graduated highschool, he definitely has a healthy intake of anti oxidants. Non the less, let’s take a deeper look into this karate champions latest fight.

Just pay attention to the way he moves his left hand, he’s reading his opponents reaction to it as he feints with the left, and notice how he positions his hands with the bladed stance, the same 3 point karate stance used by lyoto. The lead hand guages and helps maintain distance, constantly stepping in and backing away as he feints the left, while the right is lower to his side, ready to counter, waiting for that timing to drop power. He’s feeling for his opponents rhythm and building his own sense of timing to that rhythm. Very Lyoto machida aswell in the way he backs up, prodding with leg kicks, basically looking for an opportunity to counter, and the longer this goes on, the more he will get a sense for his opponents rhythm.

Here Chinzo throws a front snap kick, and his opponent knees it to the side, and in that moment, chinzo see’s an opening, comes in with an overhand, and watch how his back leg has now shifted to the front as he follows through with the overhand. That was some serious weight being transfered into the punch. But his opponent recovers.

Here, it appears chinzo was attempting to throw a kick with his lead leg, but the motion with halted as he saw his opponent come in with a jab, and so as he raises his hand to block, he is toppled over by his feet moving forward and his hands pushed back. I don’t know what happened here but it seems very karate. Like look at his face, you can see him going WOAAH. I’ve actually never seen a move like this before. It’s interesting, he precisely took hold the jab and deflected off of it.

Finishing sequence. Chinzo feints coming in with his left, and his opponents shows intent for a jab, he’s picked up a pattern of behaviour. Now watch. Feints the left tapping gloves, then instantly, predicting the same behaviour coming in with a jab, overhand cross, his opponent is hurt, and you can see it on chinzo’s face as he goes in to capitalize, WOAAHH. His opponent is pressured, and in that moment of anxiety what comes next is habit, chinzo again feints the left, and counters the pattern of behaviour the jab with a Yeah I did it uppercut… sorry, no, it’s a bolo punch, and the fight ends. The reason why the uppercut was so effective in this situation was because his opponent ducked as he threw the jab. He did that here as well, and if you look at the feint he threw here, he was lowering himself similarily. Chinzo picked up on this pattern of ducking after the jab, and as joe lewis once said. The uppercut is the perfect weapon against a fighter in the crouched position, smashing the off switch.

This was very nostalgic for me, as there were so many lyoto machida ques throughout the fight, and to that end, I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe if you did, it’s good karma, and until next time, peace.”