Alyson Stoner – The Boy Is Mine

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Special thank you and shout out to Alisha Marie!

Thank you to everyone involved for bringing this outrageous vision to life.

Directed by Jason Lester
Produced by Paul Yurick
Cinematography by Powell Robinson
Music Produced by: Rob Grimaldi @RobGrimaldi27
Songwriters: Alyson Stoner, Brock Baker @BrockBakerMusic
Mixer: Ben Lindell @BenLindell

Special thank you to YouTube Space LA

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Try to come between us if you really want
My baby don’t need your love
I swear he don’t

Tell him it’s divine destiny how you belong
My baby don’t need to know
I swear he don’t

And I’d be more concerned he was interested
If I felt I had any trouble pleasin him
But I
do just fine, ya

Why would he look around when he got the best?
Honey, please, shut your mouth it’s a waste of breath
And time
Why do you try?

That boy is mine now
And I’m my baby’s one and only girl
Oh oh
The boy is mine
Every night, Every day, every where
Every way we’re in love so
Why do you try

Try to say you’re different if you really want
My baby won’t listen no
I swear he won’t

Tell him what he’s missing
that you got it all
Sorry, but his hands are full
No, really though