Lily Maymac is an Anglo-damaged minority. She is a Filipina living in Australia who mocks the fact that Asian men hit on her, is slavishly white-worshipping (laughably so to the point she is drooling over average white guys, boasting any time a white guy hits on her), desperately wishes she was half-white, attacks other races, and takes her BF for granted (says she’s with him because he’s rich) but talks openly of cheating on him with a white guy. Anglo-damage is evident.


This is a real phenomenon; the toll on a minority’s mind from negative conditioning against Asians in a white society. I use this term instead of mental colonization etc. because I’m referring here to a kind of derangement; not just a kind of self-hatred (and hatred towards other races; ie: her comments on Indians) but also a nastiness, a vileness, a general awfulness that seeps in and corrupts one’s character and personality entirely. What might have been a good, healthy person becomes a bad human being – in so many ways — absorbing the worst qualities of whites, and in a way amplifying them.

If you’ve seen a Before-After of medical imaging of the body before and after cancer, the visual is helpful to understand the toxic effect Anglo everyday racism has on the psyche of a susceptible minority.


What’s the case with Lily in the macro, I’ve seen in the micro so many times in terms of being Anglo-damaged. Simple example. I was at the doctor’s office the other day. Two nurses- one Indian woman, one white woman. The Indian woman begins polite and helpful. Then, I see her go into the main room. She makes some kind of mistake and a white doctor who had just walked in to that room laughs in a very loud, insulting way at her (you know how whites are- they laugh way too loud, too long- as a kind of insult). She laughs along, but obviously embarrassed and hurt. Thereafter, she is defensive and angry the entire time. Now imagine this happens 100x or 1000x. The nastiness takes a toll but becomes worse when that minority, perhaps like Lily, is led to believe that whites are superior- their phenotype is superior to her Asian one, that white models are the ones who get cast in movies, that they are ‘where the party is’. Slowly but surely, they become Anglo-damaged and exhibit the worst qualities of whites including the ones they suffered at the hands of. Sure enough this Indian woman was making an annoying condescending laugh during our appointment later on. Psychologists explain how those who are abused internalize the manner in which they were abused and act out against others.


Without knowing, some of these AFs adopt the worst traits of whites, their racial biases (ie: white self-aggrandizement becomes white worship in the anglo-damaged AF), their nastiness, their desire to use other people (ie: her just dating someone who’s rich but happy to cheat on him). It’s an unfortunate aspect of human nature.

When racial dynamics are not ‘frozen’ and consciously examined, our subconscious mind has a hard time thinking ill of ‘bad behavior’ that is done by people who are perceived of as high status (ie: Anglo-damaged minorities initially think ill of a white who mistreats them but then they see the white person being treated well by others and assume it’s them who is wrong). We unknowingly emulate people we perceive as higher-status – which is why subordinates often mimic the behaviors and tendencies of their managers and senior mgrs. (What is odd is that for every one person who adopts lets say Steve Jobs innovative thinking, three who try to emulate Jobs will ONLY takeaway his harsh berating of subordinates as “being like Jobs”. People often model other people wrong- they take only the worst qualities- perhaps because those features are the most readily obvious and make the greatest impact on the limbic system- they are more easily recalled by way of ‘availability bias’)

I just have to reiterate that – without making all of this explicit- giving us a chance to examine and critique- the mind has a hard time absorbing all these social cues — from the life, from the media — and not leading to a mindset seen in Lily Maymac. The subconscious mind is the silent author of many of our attitudes, judgements, and life strategies ; it will just go off and do it’s thing unless the executive mind exerts a controlling influence over it.

Well-adjusted people are relaxed and confident. Insecure people are nasty, self-hating, snippy. Unfortunately, anglo-damage afflicts AF more so, perhaps due to greater emotional vulnerability & need to align with society (rather than stand apart from it). I believe this is not AF’s fault entirely; they are let down by their manipulable, asleep-at-the-wheel Asian parents and by a community that seems at times indifferent to the psychological ramifications of Asian children growing up in an environment that implies to them that they won’t “belong” if they ‘don’t get along with the program’.

I hope Lily comes to her senses. But even if she doesn’t, I think her racial confusion and nastiness is a window into the psychological damage Asians can suffer in a white-dominated society – it’s something only an aware community can stem and prevent in the next generations.


What’s a trip is when you live side-by-side with whites, sometimes you don’t know who’s worse non-Asian minorities or whites. One key reason for this is if you live in an area that has a high % of anglo-damaged minorities (see some elaboration on this here). A city with an Anglo-Germanic microculture or just Anglo micro-culture (ie: Northern Califoirnia; places in the South) will exhibit a large number of anglo-damaged minorities; who absorb several things from Anglos: the racial hierarchy (they will kiss up and kick down; in fact more so, because the disrespect they suffer from whites they will feel justified in displacing on Asians), the mannerisms (ie: being curt, dismissive, snarky;, status-conscious), as well as a screwed up value system (superficial and transactional, instead of genuine and mutualistic). Cities in general tend to have lower %’s of Anglo-damaged minorities than suburbs; Asian enclaves with a strong self-identity also undercuts this effect.

There are key distinctions between Anglo-damage and mental colonization and everyday Channery. Anglo-damaged people like Lily Maymac adopt the worst qualities of whites & develop a vileness to their personality (that might not otherwise have occurred had they been raised outside a white-dominated environment) ; mixed in with their learned self-hatred, hatred of other races, and extreme worship of white people.