Answering your Questions | The Hero’s Journey Podcast

uhVpYC Answering your Questions | The Hero's Journey PodcastFor the future, the motto is, No days unalert.

I don’t care if you’ve been slacking brah. No more bad days.

Now is the time to dial it in and put in the work. No more Excuses.

I’m not talking about just lifting but everything we can do that our future selves will praise us for.

The Sun is out, testosterone is high and girls in bikinis are everywhere.

Take advantage of these next few months and reap the rewards when the frost sets in.

I know that you have a lot of potential.

I want you to build the body you want and lose that extra bit of fat.

I want you to have a massive amount of self esteem and confidence.

I want you to get that smoking hot girl and still have the choice to walk away.

I want you to start your own business and get out of the rat race you’ve been born into.

I want you to feel supported on every level by guys trying to make it just like you. Men you can collab with and learn from on an elite level.

This life isn’t for everyone though, because it takes HARD FUCKING work. The slackers will be kicked out.

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I want you to join us. See you soon.

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