Calasanz with the System Side Kick on Kevin McAntyre "the Marine"

bP6GqE Calasanz with the System Side Kick on Kevin McAntyre "the Marine"Kevin McAntyre who is “the Marine”

The system side kick under the Calasanz system
Intro to Calasanz Martial Arts Teaching Techniques
In the original movie version of the Karate Kid, a boy named Daniel is being bullied at school. He befriends an Asian karate master who teaches him martial arts through very unconventional workout methods.
Instead of “doing karate,” he spends his summer painting his teacher’s house and fence, sanding his deck, and waxing his car. When Daniel complains about his strange training regime, his teacher admonishes him and tells him to “Wax on, wax off.” In other words, shut up and keep working.
This is how martial arts were traditionally taught in the East and how they are still taught at Calasanz.
Eastern Training Methods, Western Workout
If you’re going to study with Calasanz, it’s a good idea to keep 3 things in mind before you step into your first class.
#1 Don’t ask questions! When it comes to learning techniques, the Eastern teacher demonstrates and you imitate the teacher, no questions asked. This methodology doesn’t always sit well with the American student, who tends to take a more consumer related approach to training.
#2 Workout! The reason you have chosen to train in the martial arts is probably to get a good workout and learn self-defense. If you spend a lot of time chit chatting, asking questions, or listening to a teacher ramble on, you are wasting time. You are here to sweat!
#3 Learn naturally! Don’t’ obsess about how you’re going to learn all this new material. As your mind, body, and spirit comes into balance, so will your training. Every day you train, you learn something new, whether it’s a punch, block, kick, Wing Chun technique, or a few new boxing and kata moves. Within 30, 60, or 90 days, your training repertoire grows in a slow, progressive, natural way.
It All Comes Together
By the end of the movie, Daniel learns that what his master was doing is employing traditional teaching methods of training not only for the body, but also the mind and spirit. By the end of the movie, Daniel not only has the technique, but also the inner strength to face his fears and defeat his foes. Somehow, magically and naturally, everything comes together, if you give yourself to the process.
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