Viall Files Episode 62: Closure with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Viall Files Episode 62: Closure with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Viall Files Episode 62: Closure with Kaitlyn Bristowe

My6y4W Viall Files Episode 62: Closure with Kaitlyn BristoweKaitlyn Bristowe joins Nick in the studio for the most anticipated interview yet. Kaitlyn opens up about her relationship struggles after The Bachelorette, Nick and Kaitlyn share some never-before-heard stories, and Kaitlyn talks about her current relationship with Jason. We hope you enjoy this walk down Bachelor memory lane.

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Freestyle – 6-Kick Swim

Freestyle – 6-Kick Swim

Freestyle – 6-Kick Swim

mMHi7c Freestyle - 6-Kick SwimWhen you’re trying to build a great freestyle, it’s important you focus on the extreme ends of the body.

Why do it:
Learning how to drive the hands forward from the legs will help you develop a more complete stroke, and then afford you the ability to choose how fast you want to go, or how efficient you want to be.

How to do it:
1 – Consider this a delayed freestyle. Holding each stroke for an extra few kicks. We call it 6-kick swim so it’s just enough distraction to get swimmers to delay…. the actual number of kicks isn’t that important.
2 – While you hold for a brief moment on each side, focus on extending the arm completely straight out front.
3 – Keep the kick going for the entire length.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
This drill can also help swimmers learn a better breath timing as well. As you take a stroke, turn your head to air with the body. Immediately after the breath, bring the head back down and focus on your balanced line.

You’ll be able to identify habitually late breathers in this drill, those swimmers who stroke, then turn the head, then rush, or collapse back to the other side. Take your time in the extended position, and remind yourself to turn the head with the stroke, not after.

To advance the drill forward, perform a couple strokes of the drill, and then gradually build back to a regular stroke timing by the end of the length. The goal is to maintain the constant kick, the extension forward, and the correct breath timing.

Kick Up Tutorial: Jump from Back to Feet!

Kick Up Tutorial: Jump from Back to Feet!

Kick Up Tutorial: Jump from Back to Feet!

XkrU3x Kick Up Tutorial: Jump from Back to Feet!Kick ups are often seen in martial arts films as well as on breakdance events. If you are into martial arts, this is a must-learn skill I believe.

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Tips and warnings:
Do not practise this skill too often. That will not be useful and you risk the chance of getting injured. Especially the knees can get quite a shock from this skill in the beginning when performed incorrectly. By watching this video you agree on using this skill at your own risk. I am merely showing how the exercise can be learned and how I learned it. However, doing this can lead to serious injuries, especially if you’re untrained and non athletic.

Some tips:
– Practise on a soft surface like grass
– If you find it hard to kick up you can try to get acces to a trampoline or a thick mat that is bouncy
– Make sure you are in overal good shape

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— Disclaimer: Consult a physician or other medical specialist before starting a (new) workout regime. You are responsible for your own health. I am not responsible for any kind of injury or problems you might get following the usage of the information given in this video. This video is meant for educational purposes. It cannot be used as a replacement for professional guidance. Always starts your workout with a proper warm up! —

Marijuana Minors

Marijuana Minors

Marijuana Minors

uoIkHI Marijuana MinorsWatch the first episode of SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Gravity Bong –

For more episodes of Weediquette, click here:

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but there are still use cases that are very controversial, like medical marijuana for children. Some claim it’s a wonder drug for epilepsy, severe autism, and even to quell the harsh side effects of chemotherapy, while others decry pumping marijuana into still-growing bodies. We went to the small town of Pendleton, Oregon, where medical marijuana is legal, to visit Mykayla Comstock, an eight-year-old leukemia patient who takes massive amounts of weed to treat her illness. Her family, and many people we met along the way, believe not only in the palliative aspects of the drug, but also in marijuana’s curative effect—that pot can literally shrink tumors.

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How to Do a Bent Knee Glute Kickback | Sexy Butt

How to Do a Bent Knee Glute Kickback | Sexy Butt

How to Do a Bent Knee Glute Kickback | Sexy Butt

xrI9Qo How to Do a Bent Knee Glute Kickback | Sexy ButtLike these Butt Workouts !!! Check out the official app

Trying to get Bootylicious? Here’s some resources to help you shape up:
Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs:
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How to glute kickback with a bent knee. So, here you’ll be either on a mat or on the floor on all fours. You’re going to make sure that your shoulders are aligned with your wrists. They’re out of the ears, not all crunched up and we’re going to start off with one leg. You’re going to keep the foot flexed, the knee bent at 90 degrees. You’re going to think about pressing that heel up to the ceiling. So, you can take it down and then press it straight up. Really squeeze your butt. Press that heel up as high as you can, almost think about putting your footprint on the ceiling. So, you take it down and up, down and up.

Really make sure here that your abs stay engaged. They stay nice and tight. Think about the belly button being pulled to the spine to prevent injury. If you don’t, you’re going to start arching that back and you can throw your back out if you’re doing the exercise like that. So really make sure the abs are nice and tight.

You take that knee down and then push it straight up, footprint on the ceiling. Same thing, other side. Foot is flexed. Take it up. Down. Up. Down. So you can do about 10 to 12 on each side. Switch it up. However many you’re feeling. You’re going to feel this from the first few because it’s really going to focus on isolating each glute. So, also, you want to make sure that your body weight stays on the side that you’re working. So if you’re working your right side, you’re going to focus on keeping that body weight on the right side. When you get tired, you tend to shift your body to the other side and that loses the tension in that glute that you’re working. So, a tip I usually give is to bring both hands together on whichever side you’re working and really focus that tension on that glute that you’re working. And that’s how you do a glute kickback with a bent knee.