Marvel is the most racist company towards Hapa/Asian males

Marvel is the most racist company towards Hapa/Asian males

There is a long history of liberal Hollywood and their continue endless racism towards Asians.  Most of these comics were written by white men to make white men look like good while Asians as sidekicks to reinforce that.  In a white man’s world, he is the ultimate Kung Fu master (lol) that gets to hook up with an Asian woman.  Asian women are there only for that purpose while Asian men are either invisible or some bad guys that get beat up by the “heroic” white men.

It is all about emasculating Asian men and hypersexualizing Asian women.  This stuff continues with Marvel and DC.  Asians need to wake the hell help and start boycotting this shit.

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Long list since they make so many movies, comics, tv shows, bullshit. I dont even know where to begin since theres so much injustice in here. I didnt even watch most these since Marvel is such a piece of shit so i wont spend a penny on them.Why the fuck is every Hapa and Asian a female? Statistically Asians and Hapas are 50% male 50% female.

10/42 marvel Asian characters are male. 32 are female. Why isn’t it 21:21? The only asian male on that list that made it on screen was Mandarin (iron man3) and they cast a half white/half indian person. So not really asian.

  • Iron Fist. WM main character with Hapa female love interest.
  • Doctor Strange. Ancient One is old Asian man yet they cast a white woman (WTF). Are they saying AM look like woman?
  • Agents of Shield. Chloe Wang/Bennet plays a wmaf hapa.
  • Agents of Shield. Ming Na Wen palys Melinda May (wmaf or wm husband?)
  • Dare Devil (tv show) WM protaganist with wmaf hapa actress love interest (in real life shes amwf)
  • The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman goes to Japan, fucks 2 japanese girls. Every single japanese man is evil and plays bad guys. The amwf was when a japanese man hits on white lizard woman and she spits acid on him. Jab at amwf.
  • Xmen apocalypse. The only asian is Jubilee, vietnamese girl.
  • Xmen tv show just hired Jamie Chung (jew husband) to play Blink
  • Xmen days of future past hires Fan Bing Bing to play Blink
  • Avengers Age of Ultron: Korean female scientist is obsessed with Thor
  • Antman. When they said the girl was “crazy stupid fine” i already predicted she be asian. Anna Akana may be hapa.
  • Ghost Rider: Nic Cage has korean wife and his son “Kal-El”
  • Ad where AM is a nerd, rest of cast is diverse and badass
  • Ganke Lee replaced by wm actor
  • Xmen: Psylocked played by Olivia Munn

    Boycott Marvel!

    If you think they are just movies and tv shows, no one takes them seriously. OK, so start pushing AM and amwf on screen if it doesnt matter anyways. Truth is, they are promoting wmaf without u noticing. “Whoever controls the media controls the mind”

    DC Comics. This list is shorter since i dont know their movies as well.

    • 21 Hapa and Asian characters. 7 males, 14 females. Count yourself to confirm.
    • Batman Begins: all the AM are bad guys, batman kills the Ken Watanabe who teach him martial arts. But spares Liam Neeson?
    • Watchman: doc manhatten wins Vietnam War for US. Makes viets bow down. Changing history.
    • Dark Knight: Mr. Lau is evil chinaman who launders money, is burned alived on pile of cash. Chinese/hk police are incompetent. A foreign plane can kidnap a citizen from your own country.
    • Batman v Superman. Lex luthor’s sex toy (Mercy Graves) casts Asian woman. WW becomes AW so she can humiliate herself for Jesse Eisenberg (super nerd)
    • Suicide squad: token asian is female again, named Katana mourning her loser husband who couldnt defend himself