Han-troversy: Furious about Fast & Furious 8

Han-troversy: Furious about Fast & Furious 8

Yeah, I am still pissed Han got killed in Fast and Furious 6.  I am also pissed Fast and Furious is doing so well in China, and they killed the only Asian guy who was a cool character.  They got multiple black guys, but they can’t have an Asian guy despite making a ton of money off Asians.  Even since Justin Lin left, they have done squat for Asians and that’s just completely bullshit.

Actor Sung Kang. PHOTO: UIP It’s hard out there for an Asian. And I’m not just talking about Dr David Dao, the Vietnamese-American who was dragged off a United Airlines flight last week. If only he had given his dragger a Pepsi. Dr Dao’s lawyer told reporters that he […]

Played by Korean-American actor Sung Kang, Han first appeared and died in The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift.

At the end of Fast & Furious 6, it was revealed that Han was actually murdered by Deckard Shaw, played by Jason Statham, setting up Fast & Furious 7, which was essentially about Han’s friends going after Shaw.

If you have seen the trailers for the new Fast & Furious 8, you will know that Shaw is now teaming up with our protagonists to go after Vin Diesel’s character, who has gone “rogue”. By the end of the movie, Shaw has more or less become one of the good guys.

If you have seen the trailers for the new Fast & Furious 8, you will know that Shaw is now teaming up with our protagonists to go after Vin Diesel’s character, who has gone “rogue”. By the end of the movie, Shaw has more or less become one of the good guys.

What is this? Doesn’t anyone remember that Shaw killed Han? There was no mention of Han at all in the new movie.

Are the other guys just jealous because he was the only one with hair?

It’s not just me who is upset by this. Mr Brown wrote on his blog: “Most of you may know that Jason Statham, Deckard Shaw in the movie, was the enemy of Vin Diesel’s family in Furious 7, right? And you know that he killed Han in Fast & Furious 6, right?


See the all-caps? That’s how furious Mr Brown is.

When Fast & Furious 8 writer Chris Morgan was asked about the Han-troversy in an Entertainment Weekly interview, he said: “There’s still things we get to discover. I think that, over the journey over the next few films, I think anyone who may be having issues about that will get a satisfying resolution.”

Well, there better be or someone’s going to get dragged down an airplane aisle real bad.

I’m just grateful Han wasn’t played by Tilda Swinton.

White men lie about their dicks because they are so insecure. Scientific studies.

White men lie about their dicks because they are so insecure. Scientific studies.

Lol here goes the dick talk: Size, when you’re talking length measured all the way to the bone (how doctors in most reputable studies do it), is the same (5-5.5 inches BPEL) between races, seriously no significant deviation. When considering most people aren’t just bones, realistically with fat and […]

Size, when you’re talking length measured all the way to the bone (how doctors in most reputable studies do it), is the same (5-5.5 inches BPEL) between races, seriously no significant deviation. When considering most people aren’t just bones, realistically with fat and skin considered, the average “tangible” (what you can actually hold and fit into things) dick is 5 inches, not 6 as most people claim. Girth is about 4.5-5 inches average, and that range covers like 80% of dicks.

White dudes on average are more overweight, and so many of them go for that “bear” look as an excuse for their beer gut. Their tangible dick is more like 4 inches. That’s literally just one hand for me. Because white gay dudes are the beauty standard, gay MOC put alot more effort in the gym to look good, and generally much leaner than their white counterparts. This bodyfat difference is enough to account for about an inch difference in size between white dick and MOC dick (I’ve had black and asian, but not Latino, although I could’ve had some I pegged as white).

Now here is where I talk about truly controversial observations:

Flaccid size is pretty much spot on with the stereotypes. East Asian flaccids are the smallest, whites down the middle and blacks the largest (given identical bodyfat levels). This is probably something to do with ancient cold weather adaptation, to retract penises as far into the body to prevent frostbite. This is a sort of north-south thing, Northern Asians (Koreans, Japanese, Northern Chinese) have smaller flaccids than Southern East Asians like (Viets, Thais and Filipinos). That being said, with the bodyfat considerations in mind, in a real gym locker scenario, whites and asians are about the same, but black men will look bigger.

Hardness. White dicks on average are just soft. The bulk of their penis is just floppy tissue that serves no purpose (cant remember where I read, but probably another cold weather adaptation, that instead of retracting it physiologically (like Asians), they just decided to fatten it up for insulation). Which is unfortunate because it still doesn’t make them bigger girth-wise than other races, and alot of my girlfriends actually tell me how uncomfortable it is for their vaginas because either they don’t feel it, or the other extreme where the floppy skin just snags up inside them and it can be painful. For some reason these men think they’re the alpha shits for “destroying a pussy”.

Asian men are by far the hardest, black men are pretty close but I still feel a noticeable difference. With Asians they are literally hard to the surface level, imagine say a cucumber. Black men are something like a corn dog, still pretty hard (and won’t bend if the guy doesn’t have ED issues) but still has a squeeze to it. White guys are like raw hot dogs. These are ofcourse averages of each race, and there are exceptions to each. To me personally, it doesn’t change much, I don’t often take dick anally (where hardness matters most) but I still think harder is just more fun to play with imo (although softer is easier to use my mouth with especially if it is huge).

This observation is further supported by the fact that despite having a 5.5 inch girth, I find condoms from “smaller” japanese sizes to the XXL condoms you get in the States to both fit fine whereas alot of my white male friends seems to find it painful to use smaller condoms (despite being smaller) and can’t get hard. Even my white male friends have often commented on how my dick is the hardest they’ve had, and coincidentally I’m also often the only Asian they’ve bottomed for.

Not bashing on small or soft dick by any means. Most people know anal and oral sex is much more comfortable with an average sized to small penis (for the one taking it). Big dicks are just an archaic display of masculinity.

TL:DR, Base erect penis size (not taking fat into consideration) is identical between races, Asians are predominantly growers, Black people are showers, Asian erections are hardest, Whites are softest (ofcourse still usable).

When it comes to heterosexual sex, seriously Asian guys have it good.

Small dick. Hurhur.

Small dick. Hurhur.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the biggest dick of all? I’m a Eurasian female. (I know some people view gender and sex as a fluid concept, so just to spell it out, I do not have one of those appendages). Yet people still make Asian small dick […]

More generally, for me the Anglo-Saxon obsession with phallus size is rather amusing, eccentric, and it makes me laugh because it is so silly. I don’t know or care which group, if any, has the biggest dick of them all but in any event, science doesn’t seem to support any variation in size between races. Even if there is any average variation, we must be talking about μm or mm, so I still don’t see what the fuss is about. No decent human beings give a flying fuck about dick size. Is this ‘largeness’ referring to length or girth? To those guys who humblebrag about their ‘9 incher’ before you know anything else about them, are you referring to a 9-inch pencil or 9-inch sausage? Nobody who understands biology properly places any significance on cock size. Even if on average, some populations have marginally longer (by a few mm/μm) penises, does that really change anything or mean anything from a practical matter? No and no. I don’t care who, if anyone, has a bigger doodah than somebody else.

Nevertheless, just because I find this cultural obsession with phallus size amusing and stupid, and just because I am a woman, and just because I don’t have one myself, it does not mean I find ‘small dick’ ‘jokes’ within the context of Eurasian/Asian men amusing or harmless. The important issue is not who has or does not have the biggest wiener of them all, or whatever averages and statistics may or may not show about miniscule variations in mm/μm. Despite my view that it’s irrelevant, I still violently disagree with ‘small dick’ jokes when they are made against Eurasian/Asian men. Look, I don’t want to look for offence in every little irrelevant thing or every meaningless comment. I don’t want to claim vicarious victimhood. I don’t want to jump into ‘Boys’ Talk’ when I don’t belong there. But this dick thing isn’t some innocent acontextual comment. Because within the Eurasian and Asian male context, ‘small dick’ ‘jokes’ are always made with the explicit intention of humiliating, emasculating, and dehumanising Eurasian and Asian men, and such remarks are often made by monoracial Asian women (yes, you read that correctly), and by individuals in ‘protected’ minority categories.

Some guys (of all races, but almost always from other ethnic minority groups) think it is funny to tell me ‘jokes’ about Asian and Eurasian men having small dicks. They casually slip these ‘jokes’ into normal conversation and then look at me, smiling in a friendly manner as if we are watching Sesame Street, or in a flirtatious way as if making fun of ‘small dick’ is some smooth chat-up line, and regard me with an expectant stare (like a Pavlovian dog waiting for a pat on the head), showing how pleased they are with themselves for making some reference to East Asian and Eurasian small dick to a Eurasian woman. Seriously dude, what reaction are you looking for here? Ho-ho-ho? I decided to cut out every single person in my life who had ever made a ‘small dick’ ‘joke’ to me. No matter how ‘important’ they are, no matter how many other fun times we shared. Which unfortunately, was a lot of people. Sounds draconian, but why would I want to maintain any connection with people who think it is acceptable to make jokes about Asian and Eurasian small dick to a Eurasian woman in professional and social contexts? Who thinks it’s acceptable to mock my brothers? What is funny (and unfortunately not in a haha way), is I do this as a half-Asian woman, when many full Asian women (and some men) would agree and join in with the ‘joke’.

Marvel is the most racist company towards Hapa/Asian males

Marvel is the most racist company towards Hapa/Asian males

There is a long history of liberal Hollywood and their continue endless racism towards Asians.  Most of these comics were written by white men to make white men look like good while Asians as sidekicks to reinforce that.  In a white man’s world, he is the ultimate Kung Fu master (lol) that gets to hook up with an Asian woman.  Asian women are there only for that purpose while Asian men are either invisible or some bad guys that get beat up by the “heroic” white men.

It is all about emasculating Asian men and hypersexualizing Asian women.  This stuff continues with Marvel and DC.  Asians need to wake the hell help and start boycotting this shit.

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Long list since they make so many movies, comics, tv shows, bullshit. I dont even know where to begin since theres so much injustice in here. I didnt even watch most these since Marvel is such a piece of shit so i wont spend a penny on them.Why the fuck is every Hapa and Asian a female? Statistically Asians and Hapas are 50% male 50% female.

10/42 marvel Asian characters are male. 32 are female. Why isn’t it 21:21? The only asian male on that list that made it on screen was Mandarin (iron man3) and they cast a half white/half indian person. So not really asian.

  • Iron Fist. WM main character with Hapa female love interest.
  • Doctor Strange. Ancient One is old Asian man yet they cast a white woman (WTF). Are they saying AM look like woman?
  • Agents of Shield. Chloe Wang/Bennet plays a wmaf hapa.
  • Agents of Shield. Ming Na Wen palys Melinda May (wmaf or wm husband?)
  • Dare Devil (tv show) WM protaganist with wmaf hapa actress love interest (in real life shes amwf)
  • The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman goes to Japan, fucks 2 japanese girls. Every single japanese man is evil and plays bad guys. The amwf was when a japanese man hits on white lizard woman and she spits acid on him. Jab at amwf.
  • Xmen apocalypse. The only asian is Jubilee, vietnamese girl.
  • Xmen tv show just hired Jamie Chung (jew husband) to play Blink
  • Xmen days of future past hires Fan Bing Bing to play Blink
  • Avengers Age of Ultron: Korean female scientist is obsessed with Thor
  • Antman. When they said the girl was “crazy stupid fine” i already predicted she be asian. Anna Akana may be hapa.
  • Ghost Rider: Nic Cage has korean wife and his son “Kal-El”
  • http://www.kulturemedia.org/entriesdetails.php?iid=211 Ad where AM is a nerd, rest of cast is diverse and badass
  • https://www.inverse.com/article/16605-marvel-casts-michael-barbieri-as-ganke-in-spider-man-homecoming Ganke Lee replaced by wm actor
  • Xmen: Psylocked played by Olivia Munn

    Boycott Marvel!

    If you think they are just movies and tv shows, no one takes them seriously. OK, so start pushing AM and amwf on screen if it doesnt matter anyways. Truth is, they are promoting wmaf without u noticing. “Whoever controls the media controls the mind”

    DC Comics. This list is shorter since i dont know their movies as well.

    • 21 Hapa and Asian characters. 7 males, 14 females. Count yourself to confirm.
    • Batman Begins: all the AM are bad guys, batman kills the Ken Watanabe who teach him martial arts. But spares Liam Neeson?
    • Watchman: doc manhatten wins Vietnam War for US. Makes viets bow down. Changing history.
    • Dark Knight: Mr. Lau is evil chinaman who launders money, is burned alived on pile of cash. Chinese/hk police are incompetent. A foreign plane can kidnap a citizen from your own country.
    • Batman v Superman. Lex luthor’s sex toy (Mercy Graves) casts Asian woman. WW becomes AW so she can humiliate herself for Jesse Eisenberg (super nerd)
    • Suicide squad: token asian is female again, named Katana mourning her loser husband who couldnt defend himself
Asian Basketball: Is 6’3″ Benson Lin the Next Jeremy Lin?

Asian Basketball: Is 6’3″ Benson Lin the Next Jeremy Lin?

In late November, Kentucky’s Wesley Christian School and new head coach David Meddings pulled off a program-defining upset of West Virginia’s mighty Huntington Prep. The Circuit Riders overcame an early deficit to close out a 75-74 win, boosted by a stirring, all-around performance from junior point guard Benson Lin.  Benson Lin is averaging 15.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.6 steals per game for Wesley Christian. The 17-year-old native of Taipei has basketball in his blood. Both of his parents — Lin Zhengming and Liu Jingming — played for Taiwanese national teams. In 1998, the elder Lin, a renowned coach in Taiwan, helped bring Kobe Bryant to China for the first time while working for the Chinese basketball development system. He also used to coach Taiwan’s junior national team.

Five years ago Friday, Jeremy Lin dropped 38 points on national TV against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. But for Asian Americans all over the country, he also did so much more than that.

Biancardi believes Lin could be an all-conference player at a mid-major program in college, with potential to play at a higher level. Meddings agrees, and says Lin could be the first Taiwanese basketball player at a high-major school. Meddings previously coached Minnesota Timberwolves star and former No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins, along with draft prospects Thomas Bryant and Miles Bridges, when Meddings was at Huntington Prep.

“Benson has the same personality like Andrew,” Meddings said. “He lets his game do the talking.”

ESPN recruiting insider Jeff Borzello confirmed that Lin has offers from Stetson, Drexel, Winthrop, Rice and UAB, and has attracted interest from Middle Tennessee State, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Marshall and Tennessee. Borzello said Lin made an unofficial visit to West Virginia on Jan. 24, to watch the Mountaineers’ game against Kansas. It was the second time he visited WVU’s campus. He also has visited Tennessee.

Wesley Christian teammate Harry Sun, who met Lin at the Nike All-Asia basketball camp, calls Lin a genius with the ball.

“With that Euro step and 3-point shot, he will be the next Jeremy Lin for sure,” Sun said.