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What is one of your goals, are you currently attempting it.. Why or why not?
Name one goal you want to achieve this year
Say your name backwards to make your subscribers laugh
What would be your superhero name and power?
Who would be your sidekick?
one simple question, who are you really? (Not your name or dob, but who ARE YOU? What MAKES you?
For what cause would you like to be a voice for when you finally have a huge audience on your channel?
how do you get yourself or remain motivated?
What can I do to get my dream started?
How do I network and make new friends?
Bonus: What did you want to become when you were 10 yrs old?
Double Bonus: Today were you a wall flower or a social butterfly?
I will also be tagging 4 YouTubers from the group, so go check out their videos too

1. (BetsyBoop the Harmoonian)

2. (HeyyJ!)

3. (Saywordstaz)

4. (Lecia Ciree)

Bonus: (David Pablo Pascual Ocampo)

Double Bonus: (Sumkindawndrful)

You are probably wondering if this tag is exclusive, no its not. All you have to do is go type in the groups name out in Facebook and search for it, ask to join, and add your name to the tag file.