‘Elegy’ for Solo Viola- by Elliot Corner [HD]

jXkn7J 'Elegy' for Solo Viola- by Elliot Corner [HD]The sheet music is available for purchase from OLC Barcelona Music: http://olcbarcelonamusic.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-182052_elegy_for_solo_viola.html

Composed and Performed by Elliot Corner, aged 18. Recorded, mixed and uploaded on 30th January, 2013 in Christ’s Hospital’s Concert Hall (‘Big School’).

This piece is an Elegy, a song of mourning. It is dedicated to the memory of Mr Michael Mercer, the man who left me a Viola, and initially inspired me to take the instrument up.

Without him, I would not be attending the Royal College of Music. This music speaks for itself in terms of expression.

The full range of the viola is exploited, from the very lowest note in the range to the highest note feasibly possible. The anguished higher passages contrast greatly with the sonority and pathos of the lower range of the viola. The large gap at 2:50 is written as a pause bar, providing a break in the music, and also allows time to put on the mute.

I hope you appreciate this piece, as it is incredibly personal.

Thanks for all your support!

-Elliot Corner