Igorant people in the West love to stereotype Asian people eating dogs and cats despite 99.9% of Asian people don’t.  White media in the West love to focus on that .1% and try to create stereotype to the rest of Asians worldwide.

The reality is white people eat dogs and cats.  Have anyone ever called out white people eating dogs and cats in the West?  Of course not.  The media here is only focusing on making white people as “civilized” as possible.  It is part of the greater media goal of promoting white supremacy while degrading Asians worldwide.

This is just a fact article that tells a different story.  We are waiting for the West to create a story to stereoype all white people eating dogs and cats.  I don’t think anyone should hold their breath.

On some Swiss farms, no animals are safe from the dinner table. According to a report by the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger cited by The Local, some farmers in rural parts of central and eastern Switzerland enjoy a slice of cured dog or cat meat from time to time. […]