Fund BMC S01E01: Jason Shen #Athleticism #Startups #YC #AsianAmerican

DVDwB6 Fund BMC S01E01: Jason Shen #Athleticism #Startups #YC #AsianAmericanHong (@quan) and Jason (@JasonShen) talk about the realities of starting a company, how to set yourself apart, working in government, and discover a similarity between the experiences of Asian Americans. Topics include: the influence of Jason’s athletic childhood on his entrepreneurial journey (1:28), getting into YCombinator (6:26), having his company fail (10:20), joining Presidential Innovation fellows (16:00), writing about Asian American experiences (18:15), Asian American role models in media (23:29), how to get others to feel aligned with you as an Asian American in 2020 (26:00), and what Jason is up to now (29:17).

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Produced by Van Nguyen (
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