[JttW #7] Kat Loves LA Interview

qKHr5a [JttW #7] Kat Loves LA InterviewJoin Vi with special guests Al and Paget for a special collaborative episode of JttW. Listen to us talk about the lack of positive representation for Asian American men and women in media, and sit down with Paget Kagy, the creator of web-series Kat Loves LA, to highlight how the show tackles this problem.

Intro: 0:00 – 3:33
About KLLA: 3:33 – 4:31
First Impressions: 4:31 – 8:14
Responding to Feedback & Criticisms: 8:14 – 13:50
KLLA Asian-American Enough?: 13:50 – 19:58
How is KLLA different?: 19:58 – 23:24
Stereotypes IRL: 23:24 – 30:48
Discussion of Media Representation: 30:48 – 31:36
Challenges with Digital Media: 31:36 – 36:49
Support Indie Projects: 36:49 – 44:49
Outro – 44:49 – 49:04

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