Not Your Asian Sidekick – Ep.2 “AFWM / WMAF”

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Albert and Paget tackle one of the most contentious issues among Asian Am today: the Asian Female White Male relationship: Why and when it’s problematic, and how to bridge the divide. (UPDATE: Please find further reading material below)

CORRECTION: Outmarriage for AM born in the US is 38% (not 31%) according to PEW:
1:26 – History of Asian American intermarriage
3:33 – What’s the problem with AFWM relationships?
5:18 – Litmus test for AFWM relationships theory
10:15 – Symbolic issue with AFWM / Social hierarchy
11:12 – Representative issue with AFWM
14:04 – How to move forward?
17:34 – What our own thoughts on AFWM?
19:04 – What if we lived in a “Pro-Asian world”
21:00 – AFWM victimization
24:00 – Prop up AM image
25:39 – How to deal with Asian Am leadership & paradigm shift
29:39 – Importance of Education & Incentivization for AF and AM
33:50 – The Next Generation’s Burden
38:40 – CONCLUSION – Dialogue Needed around WMAF: “Everyone has Internalized Racism”, True Premises & Honesty


Albert Hur
Twitter: @alberthur888

Paget Kagy
Twitter: @pagetkagy
[email protected]
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