Not Your Asian Sidekick – Ep.3 “Bamboo Ceiling”

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The Bamboo Ceiling – The factors at play that hinder Asian American success within the workplace and entertainment, and what we can do about it through becoming political, connecting as a community, and speaking out.

0:27 – What is the Bamboo Ceiling?
1:43 – Common “explanations” behind Bamboo Ceiling
3:28 – Real factors that drive Bamboo Ceiling (lack of employee resources, lack of mentorship, lack of social networks)
5:35 – Adoption of other groups
7:20 – Asian Americans perpetuating ceilings in entertainment
8:18 – Tackling unconscious bias, driving diversity, and mythology in Hollywood.
12:32 – Normalization of Asian Am in prominent roles for progress
13:32 – How Bamboo Ceiling is experienced in workplace (Albert example)
15:23 – How Asian Americans feel discriminated against in workplace
16:38 – Asian Americans relying on escape patches for success
17:41 – Asian on Asian discrimination (Paget example), and distancing from Asian identity
20:36 – Success from being tokenized.
23:37 – Lack of responsibility to community & building sense of community
25:13 – Example of effective minority resource groups
26:20 – Rise of Pro-Asian Movement
27:10 – What does real activism look like?
30:05 – Talking about our issues, but feeling disadvantaged
34:00 – What’s missing in Asian activism?
35:40 – The importance of disrupting the status quo
37:00 – Dismantling Bamboo Ceiling by being political

Albert Hur
Twitter: @alberthur888

Paget Kagy
Twitter: @pagetkagy
[email protected]