Not Your Asian Sidekick – Ep.4 “Growing up Asian American”

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Al and Paget talk about their personal experiences growing up Asian in America, from elementary school through adulthood. The different forms of anti-Asian racism, Asian woman and Asian man gender divide, and fighting back against racism.

**This podcast is longer, because most of the discussion is around our own personal stories**

0:55 – Albert’s 1st encounter with racial hierarchy
4:00 – First signs of gender divide between Asian men and women
7:40 – Paget’s experiences with racism in childhood
14:40 – The system set up to defend anti-Asian racism
18:26 – Al’s experience with racism in college
24:20 – Al’s experience with racism in adulthood
29:43 – Maintaining the social hierarchy and anti-Asian racism
32:25 – Who experiences anti-Asian racism.
32:55 – Difficulties of discussing racism with other Asians
34:15 – Anti-Asian racism in Midwest vs. LA
36:20 – The gender divide in adulthood
44:25 – Do you face racism with White friends?
49:00 – Asian male experience with racism in social venues
58:25 – Challenging the social hierarchy and backlash
1:02:37 – Paget’s experience being outspoken about anti-Asian racism


Albert Hur
Twitter: @alberthur888

Paget Kagy
Twitter: @pagetkagy
[email protected]