Not Your Asian Sidekick – Ep.5 “Asian Male Emasculation”

LHDBdR Not Your Asian Sidekick - Ep.5 "Asian Male Emasculation"Al and Paget discuss Asian male emasculation: what is it, why it matters, how it shows up, and what we can do as a community to solve this issue.

Albert Hur
Twitter: @alberthur888

Paget Kagy
Twitter: @pagetkagy
[email protected]
Asian Men in Mass Media (journalism):

0:29 – History of emasculation
4:50 – How are we perpetuating emasculation?
7:40 – Why don’t Asian men talk about it?
13:14 – Hollywood’s bias against Asian men
18:30 – How it informs behavior of Asian men
23:55 – The problem with current Asian American leadership
28:25 – How it affects dating
38:04 – Why we need both Asian women and men
50:00 – What’s real power?
51:30 – What are the solutions?