Participate in my first feature film!

yADPBc Participate in my first feature film!

Participate in my first feature film if you’re sick of seeing the same tired stereotypes. I don’t think I need to tell you that the prospects for a film with a strong female protagonist (much less an Asian-American one) are grim in Hollywood. Films that are not action movies, sequels to action movies or based on comic books are very rarely backed by major studios and must rely heavily on private financing to get made.

With your support, I can make this film for a modest budget and give audiences a film with complex characters, truthful and nuanced performances, stunning cinematography and hopefully, a lot of laughter and a few tears.

Please participate in this film if you think it’s time for a movie with a smart, independent female lead, time for a movie that takes place in Michigan that’s actually uplifting and time for a movie with an Asian-American character who isn’t just a side kick or ethnic best friend, a kung fu fighter or a prostitute.

Support indie film, Asian American filmmakers, female filmmakers, Detroit, community theater and general awesomeness!