Season 4, Episode 9, String Theory

UwsAzL Season 4, Episode 9, String TheoryWhen Shane admits that he’s at risk of being tagged with Angie’s murder, Vic agrees to help recover her body from under a portable toilet outside a family center run by the 1-Niners. However, the plan is complicated when, after a pair of officers disappears during a domestic disturbance call, it’s assumed that it is Antwon’s payback for the crackdown in Farmington. And with few leads to their whereabouts, Dutch’s only hope is Roger, a psychotic and homeless man who was at the scene. Meanwhile, as Councilman Aceveda shows up in uniform to help look for the missing cops, after arresting the gang members who are guarding the center, Ronnie, Army, and Shane try digging up Angie’s corpse, only to discover that it’s gone. To find Angie’s body, Vic enlists Corrine to locate the hospital where Antwon’s injured sidekick, Halpern, went for treatment of his gunshot wound. After Corrine tricks Halpern into signing a confidential informant contract and Vic threatens to make it public unless he cooperates, he provides information about a Salvadoran gang that Antwon likes to use. And when a tip leads Vic, Monica, and a team of cops that includes Danny’s new partner, Aceveda, to a seized house where the missing officers are found dead, evidence that they were killed somewhere else returns everyone to the house where they disappeared. Though forced to rely on Roger, Dutch still gleans a clue that leads him to where the cops died and a dog tag belonging to one of their killers. Despite the community backlash, Monica steps up the search and even has an innocent gang member arrested to make it appear that progress is being made. Finally, though he can’t be linked to the missing cops, after a Salvadoran hit man does reveal where Angie’s body is buried, Vic tips off Antwon to an impending arrest upon his return from Las Vegas in hopes of arranging a truce. Though reluctant at first, after Vic offers to work together from now on, Antwon agrees to be questioned about the cop killings. © 2005 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.