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[Chorus: September Savior]

aye ooh
thot detected
ice on my watch and my dick and my necklace
she tryna fuck cause i’m next bitch
dick in her mouth breath mint

[Verse 1: Yung Tenet]

SIM she blow this
180 gauntlet feel like drose hit

Bitch on me luck on me
No thy vasectomy
No prevent pregnancy
Condom too loose

Pop a xanny
It can kill you like noose
Ice b colder then the classrooms at school
Running mara from plug
With the boof
I will scadodo with no ak that’s ruth
Who am I
Who am I
I am Yung tenet I can tell u that’s fye
If you couldn’t notice I am very well high
Skip my nigga Derek and I’ll shoot u in reply

[Verse 2: September savior]

aye ooh
thot detected
ice on my watch and my dick and my necklace
she tryna fuck cause i’m next bitch
dick in her mouth breath mint
i left that stupid hoe breathless
my pockets ain’t anorexic
i stole my moms bag of check mix
your bitch gon suck on my left nut
if a thot hit me up i don’t text back
if you with fucking Guru, my niggas attack
im dipping and dodging get hit with the mac
if my dick get hard yo bitch gon get slapped
got a little rooga in the back
im scooting and skirting like Jaz
you sad and you going out bad
your bitch keep hitting my jack
you mad cause you ain’t got no clout
you mad cause your bitch like my style
you mad cause i slid in your bitches dm and she always be fucking replying.
sike bitch gotta white dyke bitch, look like a nice pic
she just might like it
if i go knife it
she just might hype it, skyping and typing she kinda like side kick, naw
that bitch just is a side bitch
i am not trying to wife it

[Verse 3: September savior]

said she want my number in her cellphone
we went to the movies, but i took her to the bathroom
eggplant emoji need censored
she tried to call didn’t answer
we only facetime when she dancing
bitch shake that ass in the camera
gotchu off paused so don’t tense up, if you start acting lame then im gonna hang up
damn my bad
i want you right here so i’m mad
you in different state so i’m sad
i love you lil bitch, gotta blast

[Verse 4: Yung Tenet]

SIM blowin on my SIM
Always stayed slim never been to the gym
Ok like
ringatone singalong
yo bitch gon love this song
wet on my neck, lemonade
yo bitch gon suck on my dick on the low
i be smoking dat gas i dare you to tell p.o.
Kill the flow
glowin and showin
im also contemplatin pro
ok, i already know you a bitch my nigga
im stackin the bread like the chips my nigga
please come get ya bitch my nigga
she smokin the ounces my fifths my nigga

[Verse 5: September savior]

ringatone singalong tell that bitch leave me lone
damn yo lil bitch just said this her favorite song
im not your average rapper
i might drop this song and go casper
headphones, head home
play this for your crush, and i bet you’ll get some head bro
gotta little bit clout what the fuck you niggas mad for
i might fuck a niggas wife tho
oops that typo