Whatever advances are made to make games more cinematic, the transition to becoming a movie often doesn’t work out. With exceptions such as the Mortal Kombat film, which came out twenty-two years ago, recent attempts at bringing World of Warcraft or Assassin’s Creed to life have had middling results […]

Set to star in the Sleeping Dogs film is action legend, Donnie Yen. Recently making a splash as the spiritual warrior in Rogue One, Donnie has been active in the Asian film industry since the 1980s.

While Donnie may not be a household name in America, he’s one which has a fanbase in China and abroad among those who follow Asian cinema. For Donnie, stepping into the role of Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen should be easy, not because he’s a veteran, but since the role is familiar.

What helped make Sleeping Dogs a success among players was that it told a familiar story, a deep undercover cop, but executed it well thanks to memorable characters and writing. Stepping into the role should be easy for Donnie since he did a similar thing in the film Special ID, which had his character undercover within a gang.