America’s Ivy Leagues Schools and the British Empire were Funded by Opium Money from China

America’s Ivy Leagues Schools and the British Empire were Funded by Opium Money from China

Ivy League Schools Discriminating Against Asians

It is an irony that many Ivy league schools today discriminate against Asian Americans when it comes to admission when most Ivy league schools were funded pretty much by money Americans took from China via the Opium trade.  There is an ongoing lawsuit against Ivy league schools and their discrimination practices against Asian Americans.

Asian Americans Lawsuit Against Ivy League

Asian-American Group Sues Ivy League Schools for Discrimination

British Empire Funded by Opium


Still, the real narco-republic in world history isn’t the United States, Mexico, Colombia or other transit points to the artificially created drug epidemic in the United States. This dubious honor actually goes to the British Empire, as their Bengal-to-China opium business during the time of Queen Victoria grew into the world’s largest commodity trade during the 19th century. Opium accounted for almost 20 percent of the Empire’s total revenue, yet opium was just the tip of the addictive trade.

In the United States and the British Empire addictive substances were the major business of British mercantilism. For example, the original British colonies like Jamestown and Virginia were economically unfeasible before the smoking of tobacco caught on in Europe and smoking and snuff created a cash crop from America.

Later, sugar from British Caribbean colonies was added to the British consumption of tea from China and the entire Empire became addicted to tea. But there was a problem. Unlike in the Americas where cotton and tobacco were traded for British manufactured goods, China simply said no to foreign imports.

Their leader, the Son of Heaven, wrote King George III in 1793: “We posses all things. I set no value on objects strange or ingenious, and have no use for your country’s manufactures.” Great Britain had addicted their entire population to the stimulation of tea and sugar but China surprisingly demanded silver as payment for the tea. This created a permanent drain of gold and silver from the British Empire to China and a gigantic balance of payments deficit resulted that threatened the future solvency of the British Empire. This situation is very similar to China’s holdings of US Treasury debt today.

Opium Trade was Big Business for Americans

He was not alone. Many of the wealthy New England families built their fortunes on slave and opium trading. In fact, most of the American Ivy League universities were funded to a great degree when dirty money from the slave and opium trade was washed and then use to build new reputations for these families.

For example, John Cleve Green donated much of his opium profits to Princeton University, Abiel Abbott Low used his opium fortune to finance the construction of Colombia University, John Murray Forbes financed the Bell Telephone Company, Joseph Coolidge’s son organized the United Fruit Company and his grandson was the founding executive officer of the Anglo-American Council on Foreign Relations. This is just the tip of the iceberg in showing how many among the power elite made their fortunes with the China opium trade.


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