Asian Male Porn Star Live Q&A Thur 2/9/17

Asian Male Porn Star Live Q&A Thur 2/9/17

Asian American community needs more Asian male porn stars.  Why?  The lack of Asian male porn stars out there is giving fuel to white racists creating all kind of negative sexual stereotypes about Asian men.  One of the goals Jeremy mentioned is to dispel that one penis stereotype about Asian men.

Here is the info on the live Q&AyhaQUyr Asian Male Porn Star Live Q&A Thur 2/9/17 here.

Ever wonder what life is like as one of the very few Asian-American male pornstars in the business??!

Jeremy Long will be doing an AMA right here on /r/AznIdentity at 6:30 PM (PST) this Thursday. He’ll be answering your questions, so give it some thought and post a good one!

For background: You can read an interview of Jeremy Long here where he talks about his life as both a porn star and a UC Berkeley law school student (I believe he’s since graduated). See this NextShark interview here where he goes into more about his life in the porn industry. Also, see his Twitter profile here (note: Not Safe for Work).

Long, through his work, is breaking stereotypes of Asian men as asexual and unmasculine. To his credit, a lot of Asians even who would be qualified shy away from porn because of concerns of “face” and the like; but the fact that he dove right in reflects his seriousness on doing something about the problem.

Regarding the AMA:

  • Please note that Jeremy has a career in which he works with people from all walks of life. This AMA will be public so he has to be mindful of what he shares. Obviously, he won’t want to burn bridges, etc. Bear that in mind when you ask questions & be respectful.
  • He won’t be able to get to every question, so don’t be bummed if yours doesn’t get answered. Also, he’ll try to provide one response to the question but may not necessarily be able to continue responding on an ongoing dialogue back and forth.