The Polarizer Podcast #23 – Octavius, one Rastas journey

AbEZAU The Polarizer Podcast #23 - Octavius, one Rastas journeyOctavius Wright’s mission is to inspire, enlighten, uplift, and spread positive vibes.


#23: Octavius – one Rasta’s journey

00:00:00 – Back in 2011
00:17:55 – The calling
00:54:20 – Arriving in Los Angeles
01:13:20 – Ain’t nothin’ changed
01:23:30 – Wild stories from the streets
01:37:55 – Prison
02:36:00 – Outro music: Vibe Irie – Johnny Law

Octavius and I met in 2011 at an open mic night at Seville Quarter in Pensacola, Florida. I was an exchange student there at the time. We quickly became friends after we jammed on stage (Octavius on lead vocals, me on guitar, Chris Ozuna on drums, and someone I didn’t know on bass). Through the years, we kept in touch by giving each other a call once or twice a year. We met again in 2018, when Octavius attended my wedding.

Octavius gave up a stable life in Texas to travel all over the United States on a journey to inspire, enlighten and lift people up. He sold and gave away all of his material posessions, bought a train ticket, and headed West. We talk about this incredible journey at length, as well as Octavius’ life story of music, the meaning of life, what makes people tick, how he inspires everyone around him, and doing hard time.

A great chat with a lovely human being who I am honored to call a great friend.