I have a theory that Western popular culture is on a mission to desexualize Asian men. And it’s working. They rarely get to have successful, meaningful brilliant sex. Instead, they are frustrated, and sweaty, and wanking at home. Those two women wanted to see the specimen that was my tiny penis, almost to prove to themselves that I was not worthy of desire. A friend once sent me a link to a BBC News piece about how scientifically, biologically and statistically, Asian men have the smallest penis size of all the races with penises. I note, to him, that no counter-balance article is offered on the penis size of white men, black men, or other men. It’s Asian men who must be desexualized. On the BBC, no less. He does not reply.

Still from the TV series “The Big Bang Theory” People | Bodies In North Devon, in England, in the rural countryside, there are people who have never seen a brown person before. There are people whose only experience of brown men is when they’ve been a waiter in a […]