Top 10 Best K-Pop Songs By Duble Sidekick [K-Pop Producers] – Your Votes Decided!

lpTF90 Top 10 Best K-Pop Songs By Duble Sidekick [K-Pop Producers] - Your Votes Decided!Well, friends, we are now halfway with this video series. I really do hope you’re enjoying this because well… we have another 5 vids to go and they’re gonna take a while to make lol. After I let my Brave Brothers video have its copyrights, people complained that they couldn’t watch it on certain devices. So with this one, both Mamma Mia and Mr. Chu got the same copyrights, so I had to cut them down to allow this video to be played on all devices. It’s a sacrifice. Oh well. Anyways, so many recent songs in this video. I guess Duble Sidekick is one of the newer and more prominent producers of K-Pop today. Do enjoy!

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Artists & Live Performances of Songs Include:
Ailee / 에일리 – Mind Your Own Business / 너나 잘해 – Back when this came out, I wasn’t exactly drawn to it. I even made the Ailee video at the time too, but it still wasn’t enough. Now editing this song again 2 years later, I actually find myself liking it a lot more.
Apink / 에이핑크 – Mr. Chu – Even though I’m not really an Apink fan, I do find this song to be fun. Simply because I had to learn the choreo for it back when I performed at the Dream Concert in 2014. It’s charming.
B1A4 / 비원에이포 – Beautiful Target – I always loved this song. It’s surprisingly a boy group song that’s “cute” but charming and catchy.
Girl’s Day / 걸스데이 – Something / 썸씽 – I never actually downloaded this song but I can appreciate its popularity. It’s definitely one of 2014’s songs to remember.
KARA / 카라 – Mamma Mia – I did really like this song after I got over the new lineup here. Once I looked past that, it’s that 80s sound I love.
MAMAMOO / 마마무 – You’re the Best / 넌 is 뭔들 – Not the biggest MAMAMOO fan here, but I do find this song interesting. I think all the ad-libbed stages was made this a great one.
MBLAQ / 엠블랙 – This is War / 전쟁이야 – I really loved this song. Still one I listen to this day.
Secret / 시크릿 – I’m in Love – Love Love Love this song. The closing climax still gets me every time! 😀 But then I’m reminded on how much I miss them. Excuse me while I go sob.
SISTAR / 씨스타 – Give it to Me – Definitely one of my favorite SISTAR songs. Hyorin’s 2nd half in the chorus is just awesome.
SISTAR – Shake It – I never honestly cared for this song. I felt it was a subpar rehash of “Touch My Body” which was another song that wasn’t my favorite either.

Honorable Mentions
Baek Ji Young – Good Boy
Dalmatian / DMTN – ER
JJCC – Bing Bing Bing (One Way)
NS Yoon G – The Reason I Became a Witch
ZE:A – Ghost of the Wind


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