Comedian Destroys Heckler Bachelorette Party (uncensored)

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    Roy Jenkins

    Did you go to the wedding? didn't have time to search all the comments?


    Upward Gaming

    This is brilliant



    So: some poor sap's going to MARRY that shithouse??! :(


    Michael Cook

    don't fuck with someone on stage whose job is to be witty. hilarious. i want to know if you actually crashed the wedding!!


    Jake Pickering

    Loved this please tell me u showed up at her wedding I wanna see that video 😁😁😁😁😁



    "Stop trying to save her dignity! It's OVER"



    Mofo is genuinely hilarious! Shits over Kevin Hart!


    Joseph Willes

    You just got a like and a new subscriber.



    Looks like Markiplier


    flower Shear

    how am I just now finding out about this guy. I was laughing the whole time.


    Randy Marsh

    Went down a heckling rabbit-hole, and found this video. you need more exposure, you're hilarious Eliot. +subbed


    C Pulliam

    this dude is fuckin genius. very funny.


    Batterd Sav

    Rodney Rude is and will always be the king of handling hecklers.
    heckling is expected at his shows and becomes part of the humor.



    Hilarious and cute!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)

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