Comedian Destroys Heckler Bachelorette Party (uncensored)

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    You are hilarious, I love the energy too man.


    Cheyenne Allen

    he aint even funny



    So Good !


    Short Guides

    Fucking awesome! Love your confidence.


    snuggly face

    when he said the honeymoon bit he should ave said booo boo you call that f*ckin? booo your mean!


    Dan C rabtree

    This guy is terribly funny, but I prefer Judy Tanuti!!!



    nice ending


    Ryan Tian

    So the main point is if you are confident.


    The Hacks-By-Jack Channel

    I say "You like Chinese food right? Well if the top mouth likes egg rolls so does the bottom mouth. As the saying goes once you go ricey your love life becomes spicy."


    Hugh Huynh

    How do I become as smooth as you lol


    Allen Nguyen

    Amazing. Ayo, I'm new to the channel. Teach me somethings, I'm Asian too


    Dustin “Mike” Miller

    Alright that last one though



    All the paid stupid bitches.. speaks for itself..


    The Last Unicorn

    Don't believe the hype that no one likes Asian guys. My husband is Tiwanese and totally HOT and F*CK…7 years growing strong and I never looked back ; ).


    Keshaw Gajadin

    Holy fuck. Passing shit tests like a motherfucking boss.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)

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