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    Engelbert Delrosario

    When are they (HECKLERS) going to learn. The comedian has the mic and they do this for a living. Stfu!!!!


    Steven Griffin

    he can get away with calling white girls cunts publicly because hes asian lol


    Janis Martinez

    Can't get enough of these heckler videos!!! ilmao



    I love your comedy.


    Payton Gravley

    He sounds so much like Kubz Scouts, it's uncanny.


    Brett Rowe

    You are awesome!! You are also dressed like loyd from entourage lol. Looking spiffy



    Dude… I want to go to one of your shows just to watch you destroy some stupid hecklers because you are so good at it. WHY do people go to a live comedy show just to fuck with the comedians??? I know. Preacher… Choir.


    Ryan Haynes

    this guy's life mission is to rekt silly twats and I support him!



    Cunty LOL



    Subbed! Love your response to hecklers dude!


    bob smith

    defcunt 1!

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)

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